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So I hear the expected snow was patchy at best.  Some parts of the East London but further out in Essex it was heavier and where I live in Kent it is fantastically deep.  As you have seen me rattle on about my little puppy, well it was his first snow day experience and he loves the snow, he likes to eat it, roll around and chase snowballs, as you can imagine, I’m over the moon.

Keep Warm & Safe and Take Care

Activity News

Don’t forget to book your place…..

We have a new activity with limited places, Age Exchange – Boxes of Joy which gives everyone the opportunity to be creative, stay active and have fun – whether that be through visual art, crafts, games, song, or movement – This monthly activity box is for all the family, the carer, the cared for/s, and their children.

Book early to avoid disappointment.

No Energy?  Lockdown weight gain?  Need a challenge?

Our weekly Health & Wellbeing activities could be for you.

We have one activity on Thursday 1pm to 2pmStretching & Self Massage with Casey this weekly activity helps improve your mobility and balance, gets your blood pumping, the self-massage helps reduce your anxiety and daily stress.

Our second activity on a Friday at 11am to 12noon is Shadow Boxing & Mindfulness this activity is 20 minutes of boxing techniques, this helps you feel less stressed, more energetic, promotes better sleep, improves your mood and your relationships.

Come Join a New Art Group

Vaccine News

Council vaccine helpline launched

Residents eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine are now being supported to book their appointments through a new council vaccine helpline – 020 7364 3030.

The helpline team speak community languages and can book local vaccine appointments for eligible residents, along with answering any questions residents may have about the vaccine. If you are in one of the groups eligible and have not been vaccinated, please book your appointment, or call the helpline for advice – we are here to help.

At this time, the helpline is only for those eligible for vaccination.

Staying in contact with loved ones at the Royal London

Covering all wards across the hospital, the new Royal London Hospital family contact centre can help families with a loved one in hospital stay informed.

The centre can help families with concerns and questions, or around arranging end of life visits, language support, dropping off items and food or spiritual and religious support. To get in touch, families can email Barts Health or call 0203 594 2040. The phoneline is open 9am to 5pm, 7 days a week.

Find out more on the Barts Health website.

Don’t forget if you are a Carer then you can contact our Hospital Coordinator – Ayeda Zuba on 07366977103 or email ayeda@ccth.org.uk


Taking action on the climate emergency

We’ve set an ambitious target to make council operations net zero carbon by 2025 and we want to work with you to reduce your carbon emissions.

How we travel, the energy efficiency of our homes and workplaces and what we consume can all add to these harmful emissions.

Have your say on what can be done to help everyone live and work more sustainably.

Important Numbers:

Unpaid carers can still access FREE PPE supplies. If you would like to receive PPE, Please contact the Carers Centre on 0207 790 1765 or Ayeda directly.

Domestic Violence Duty Line:  020 7364 4986 between 9am – 5pm.Victim Support:  020 7364 2448/7957

Just wishing everyone a peaceful, safe and week and remember if you need information and advice from the Carers Centre just email enquiries@ccth.org.uk

Tony Collins-Moore
Carers Academy Manager

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