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Caring for someone can take so much time and energy. If we are honest, it can really exhaust and overwhelm us. Is struggling with paperwork, sorting out your money, dealing with people from social services or the health service getting too much for you? You might need a bit of extra help. It could be to sort out form filling or get the best out of the system for you. Or it could be joining in our activities and taking opportunities that give you a life of your own, just for a while.

What The Carers Centre Tower Hamlets does: services

The Carers Centre Tower Hamlets has a range of services focussed on you. They are designed to make your life easier

  • someone to speak up for you – advocacy
  • a Carer’s Assessment that puts your needs to the front and opens doors to more support
  • people at The Carers Centre who get to know your individual situation
  • advice and guidance on the situations you worry about
    • Lasting Power of Attorney – making decisions when they can’t
    • Emergency Card – peace of mind if something happens to you
    • safeguarding
  • all important advice and support about money
  • publications (including the newsletter), factsheets and resources and our calendar

Our wellbeing services are about some ‘time out’ and getting together with people like you. They include

  • art project
  • peer support
  • relaxation days and coffee morning
  • retreats and trips
  • therapy day

Some services and activities take place away from the Centre. Find out where to find in other locations.

  • Royal London Hospital
  • hubs in the community
  • GP Surgeries.

Our Carers Academy runs training workshops and online learning help you look after yourself and deal with caring roles. Find out more at our special Carers Academy site and check out the newsletter and calendar.

First steps

If you haven’t already, please get in touch to

  • register with us at The Carers Centre
  • complete a Carer’s Assessment with us. This establishes your needs as a Carer
  • then if more support is needed we can refer you to Adult Social Care for a Support Plan – a gateway to more help.
How to get in touch and ask for statutory Carer’s Assessment, advice about the assessment, an appointment with a carers support advocate

Call the centre 0207 790 1765
In person: The Carers Centre, 21 Brayford Square, London, E1 0SG

Get in touch

The Carers Centre
21 Brayford Square
London, E1 0SG

020 7790 1765

Opening hours

Monday - Friday – 9.30am – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday – Closed

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