Digital Resource for Carers is a national resource created by Carers UK which Tower Hamlets Council has purchased for the benefit of carers in the borough

There is a brochure here which you can download which gives you information about this project. 


Digital Resource for Carers

Here are just some of the many features that are available through the special website:

  • It has forums where carers can discuss common problems to help find solutions
  • There is an e-learning course to help carers to be more effective
  • There are many resources on topics like Health and Wellbeing, Financial planning, Help if you are working and caring after work
  • You can download a phone or tablet app called Jointly. Jointly helps you organise the care of someone by creating a circle of care around them
  • Newer carers can get help through the maze of benefits and regulation with the Upfront guiding tool

And it’s free to all Tower Hamlets Carers. 

  1. First download the brochure mentioned at the top of this page. There is a special access code on it for Tower Hamlets Carers. Make a note of it. You’ll need it when you create an account.
  2. Go to the special Digital Carers Resources website at and create an account
  3. That’s it! The resources are all yours.


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