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At The Carers Centre Tower Hamlets we pride ourselves on understanding the challenges and stress you face. We know that caring is also rewarding. Let us help you get the balance right. It makes a difference to talk to someone who knows how to support you and your situation.

For example, do you need guidance about benefits, housing, grants or community care? Do you sometimes forget your own right to enjoy a life outside of caring? How do you get a break, have some respite, go on holiday? Do you need help and advice about creating space and time to work, study, rest or play?

We support all carers aged 16 years and over.

 Carer’s Assessment

A statutory Carer’s Assessment opens the door to support for carers.

New and long term carers can often keep on caring more easily with help. Other people want help to stop caring. You might be living separately or with the person you care for. You might be a full time or part time or sandwich carer. You might be working or studying. You might be elderly or disabled yourself. There are many circumstances and needs.

The local authority decides how they can help by looking at the ‘carer’s assessment’. The Carer’s Assessment records what you say about your caring role and what support or services you need. For instance, it covers the way caring affects your life, and your wellbeing, health, choices, feelings, work, goals, relationships, social life and planning for emergencies.

Staff at the Carers Centre Tower Hamlets can do the statutory Carer’s Assessment with you. It is separate from the person you care for as you could feel more able to speak freely about how you feel and what is happening.

You can find general information about Carers Assessments here on Carers UK website Carer’s Assessment – Carers UK


Carers’ experiences and opinions should count. The person you look after often depends on this. Sometimes we can need support to get our voices properly heard.

As a carer, it’s not always easy to stand up for your own rights or for those of the person you love and look after. You need more information? You are exhausted or overwhelmed by responsibility? You are worried about confidentiality? You are not comfortable contacting professionals or official, statutory agencies? You don’t feel up to challenging decisions made by professionals? You know in your heart a decision is not right for the person you care for? We can help.

Carers support advocates have the confidence, knowledge and the experience to speak up for you or to help you to speak up for yourself. Together you make sure nothing you want to say is forgotten, missed or ignored.

You can also find out more about advocacy services in Tower Hamlets here

Talk to someone on the phone or come in for face to face appointments or drop us an email.

Our team includes staff who speak languages that reflect the local community. CCTH has access to translation services where required.

First steps

If you haven’t already, please get in touch to

  • register with us at The Carers Centre
  • complete a Carer’s Assessment with us. This establishes your needs as a Carer
  • then if more support is needed we can refer you to Adult Social Care for a Support Plan – a gateway to more help.

How to get in touch and ask for statutory Carer’s Assessment, advice about the assessment, an appointment with a carers support advocate

Call the centre 0207 790 1765
In person: The Carers Centre, 21 Brayford Square, London, E1 0SG

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