Lasting power of attorney

Make arrangements to manage someone’s affairs officially

Does the person you look after make their own decisions but want help managing their money? Maybe they can make their own decisions now but want an arrangement in case they can’t in the future. One way to make this possible is to create a lasting power of attorney. Lasting Power of Attorney covers financial matters and also decisions about health and care. It can set everyone’s mind at rest.

What The Carers Centre Tower Hamlets does: Lasting Power of Attorney

We explain the Lasting Power of Attorney process, and then helps you the carer and your cared for person complete the form (no charge). This is sent it to the Office of Public Guardian (with a fee).

The person who has agreed to give away the power of attorney is called the ‘donor’.

The Lasting Power of Attorney covers

Financial Decisions
  • claiming, receiving and using the Donor’s welfare benefits
  • managing the Donor’s bank account – the attorney(s) must keep records of all financial transactions
  • paying the Donor’s mortgage or any other bills
  • buying or selling property on behalf of the Donor.
Health and Care
  • provision of which care or support services the Donor receives
  • where the Donor will live
  • who Donor can see
  • end of life care/life-sustaining treatment (in the absence of a Lasting Power of Attorney, a doctor will make a decision on behalf of the patient who will be the Donor).

The process of setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney involves a ‘certificate provider’ signing the form to verify that the Donor

  • does have mental capacity
  • can understand what the Lasting Power of Attorney is for
  • is ‘not under pressure’ to get the Lasting Power of Attorney done.

There are range of people who can be certificate providers.

Other information about managing someone’s affairs

Different ways to manage someone’s affairs

Make, register or end LPA


The following is the criteria for Carers Centre support with LPA

  • LPA is for the Cared For person only, we will not be setting up LPA for the carer or any other family member. 
  • LPA will only be provided when the Cared For person has dementia or Alzheimer’s,  
  • Particular priority will be given to those Cared For persons who are on the verge of losing capacity.

First steps

If you haven’t already, please get in touch to

  • register with us at The Carers Centre
  • complete a Carer’s Assessment with us. This establishes your needs as a Carer
  • then if more support is needed we can refer you to Adult Social Care for a Support Plan – a gateway to more help.

How to get in touch and ask for statutory Carer’s Assessment, advice about the assessment, an appointment with a carers support advocate

Call the centre 0207 790 1765
In person: The Carers Centre, 21 Brayford Square, London, E1 0SG

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