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So how is it going for you in Lockdown 2?  Is it easier this time, we had plenty of practice last time, or is it worse, are you worried or anxious?

If you want to discuss any issues or concerns relating to your caring role and the Lockdown then please let the staff team at the Carers Centre know, we are here to support you.  Telephone 0207 790 1765   Email enquiries@ccth.org.uk

Makes sure you keep up to date with Carer Centre information, activities and future announcements on our website or this blog.

Please remember the rules, keep safe, socially distance where possible, wear a mask if you are not exempt and wash your hands whenever, you get the chance.

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Activities for Next Week:

9th November

Managing Medication for Carers – 11am to 12.30pm

10th November

Renal Carers Support Group – 11am to 12noon

Carers Forum – 2pm to 3.30pm

11th November

Walking Wednesday – Health Walks – 1pm to 2pm

Young Carers Group – 5pm to 7pm

12th November

Health & Wellbeing with Casey – 11am to 12noon

A reminder that new national lockdown restrictions are in place from midnight tonight.

You must follow the new rules from Thursday 5 November to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

We have put together advice and updates in this email to help ensure you’re ready for the changes.

We continue to work through the restrictions to establish what they mean for council services, and are publishing updated advice for residents and businesses on our website.

Please read on, and share with your family, friends and neighbours in Tower Hamlets.

Summary of the new national restrictions

  • You must stay at home except for education, work (if it can’t be done from home), exercise and recreation, medical reasons, shopping for food and other essentials, or to care for others.
  • You can leave home for any medical concerns, appointments and emergencies, or to avoid or escape risk of injury or harm – such as domestic abuse. The NHS is still open – please attend your existing medical appointments and contact your GP or NHS 111 as normal if you need support.
  • Schools, nurseries, colleges, and universities will remain open – please continue to send your children to school.
  • All non-essential shops will close, as will all pubs and restaurants (takeaways and deliveries can continue).
  • Outdoor exercise and recreation will be allowed, but gyms will close. Playgrounds will stay open.
  • Households will not be allowed to mix with others indoors or in private gardens. Individuals can meet one person from outside their household in an outside public space.
  • Support bubbles for people who live alone, and households made up of single parents and children can continue.
  • Places of worship will generally close but funerals, with a maximum of 30 people attending, individual prayer, and a few other activities will be allowed.
  • Weddings, civil partnership ceremonies will not be permitted to take place except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Some workplaces can stay open if people cannot work from home – including construction and manufacturing.
  • Those who are clinically vulnerable are advised not to go to work if they are unable to work from home. Further government advice will be released this week and people who may need to register for support or advice will be able to do so online.

Changes to council services

We continue to work through the new rules to establish what they mean for our services. Please note:

  • Schools will remain open and children should attend as normal.
  • Parks will remain open for exercise and playgrounds will stay open.
  • Leisure centres, bowling clubs, tennis courts and skate parks will be closed.
  • Idea Stores and libraries have closed. Our Idea Stores at Bow, Chrisp Street and Whitechapel will reopen with a limited service from next week to enable people to order and collect books or access a computer. Books, magazines and much more are available through online membership. Local History Library and Archives will close, and all appointments have been suspended. The online service will continue.
  • Funerals can still be held, with up to 30 people.
  • Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies are not permitted except in exceptional circumstances.

We continue to work through the new restrictions and this list will be updated on our website, with more detail and further service changes to come.

Resident support and updates for those who were shielding

We have a dedicated phoneline to support vulnerable residents and people at the highest risk of severe illness from Covid-19.

The phoneline can be used by vulnerable residents (or their families or carers) that need help or have an urgent requirement during this difficult time. Residents can phone 020 7364 3030, Monday to Friday (9am – 5pm). Contact us for help if you need it.

Updated advice for residents who are clinically extremely vulnerable

People with serious underlying health conditions who are most at risk of severe illness from Covid-19 were previously advised by the government to self-isolate. The shielding programme remains paused and those people are not currently advised to shield but to follow updated advice.

If you are in the clinically extremely vulnerable category, you will receive a formal letter from the government with the following advice:

  • Not to attend work if you cannot work from home. The formal letter from government makes you eligible for statutory sick pay and employment support allowance.
  • Not to go to pharmacies or shops and only travel for essential purposes.
  • Still travel to hospital and GP appointments unless told otherwise by your doctor.
  • If support is needed with medications delivery, to contact your local pharmacy who will arrange for delivery.
  • If support is needed with food delivery, please contact NHS volunteers or call council’s dedicated helpline 020 7364 3030 for support.
  • Do leave home to exercise outdoors or meet with other members of your support bubble.

Click the below link for information if you are a parent.


Join our mixed social support group for all #LGBT+ people over 18.

Opportunity to gain support, have some fun and widen your social network online. You supply the tea or coffee; we will supply the support.


Keeping safe from Coronavirus for adults who have Down’s Syndrome.

The Chief Medical Officers from across the UK have said that adults who have Down’s syndrome are to be added to the group of people who are classed as clinically extremely vulnerable. This means that they have been classed as at higher risk for coronavirus.

People who are in the clinically extremely vulnerable group are advised to be extra careful in protecting themselves.

You can read more about the decision and what it means in this information from NHS England and the government by clicking here

The Easy read of the information on what this means is here

You can see some questions and answers on what it means to be clinically extremely vulnerable here

GPs will be getting in touch with patients who have Down’s Syndrome over the next few weeks. They will talk to people about what this means for them.

There is an easy read letter that GPs will send to people. There is a copy of that letter here

You can read the letter that was sent to GPs telling them what to do here – read the letter.

If you do not hear from your GP in the next few weeks you should get in touch with them.

The Government will also be writing to care providers and letting them know what they will need to do. You can read that letter here.

From Thursday all people who are extremely clinically vulnerable are being advised to take extra care. This was called shielding

You can read about that government advice and what you might do if you are extremely clinically vulnerable here

The Down’s Syndrome Association have information and resources for people with Down’s Syndrome and their families on their website here

Important Numbers:

Unpaid carers can still access FREE PPE supplies. If you would like to receive PPE, Please contact the Carers Centre on 0207 790 1765 or Ayeda directly.

Domestic Violence Duty Line:  020 7364 4986 between 9am – 5pm.Victim Support:  020 7364 2448/7957

Just wishing everyone a peaceful, safe and week and remember if you need information and advice from the Carers Centre just email enquiries@ccth.org.uk

Tony Collins-Moore
Carers Academy Manager

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