Carers Academy - Undertsanding Complex & Challenging Behaviour

18th June 2019

Understanding Complex and Challenging Behaviour
15 Places per session

The training session will help learners:

Tower Hamlets Community Learning Disabilities Service (CLDS) will deliver a presentation on ‘Understanding Challenging Behaviour in people with learning disabilities’. Challenging behaviour is common in individuals with learning disabilities; it often reflects an unmet need and can serve as a way to communicate this. It is therefore important to understand the function of a person’s behaviour in order to know how to support them and meet their needs. This approach to understanding and managing challenging behaviour is called Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).

The presentation will cover what challenging behaviour and PBS is in more detail, as well as ideas on how to support people presenting with challenging behaviour(s). This training is focused on understanding challenging behaviour in adults with learning disabilities, however the learning may have some application in understanding challenging behaviour in other contexts.

The Carers Centre
21 Brayford Square
London, E1 0SG
United Kingdom

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