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Like learning as well as exploring educational opportunities?

Did you know you can learn skills, inform yourself, and enhance your understanding to improve your own wellbeing which in turn can significantly help with your caring role?

You can do this at The Carers Wellbeing Academy.  We provide access to condition specific training such as Diabetes management, understanding frailty, and understanding and managing challenging behaviour. We are always developing new workshop ideas that are practical, engaging and informative, which can be delivered either in person or via Zoom.

We also have workshops on improving wellbeing as part of our Carers Mental Health Programme with Talking Therapies and Coaching for Unpaid Carers who provide workshops so you can learn coping strategies and methods to understand your personal limits and goals.

You might want to become more proficient with your digital skills, so we have our own IT Suite for you to use to, or you may want to learn English as a second language, so we work with a great organisation that provides ESOL classes.  These educational resources can help you manage your caring role by engaging more successfully with health professionals.

We also encourage carers to take up further education with online courses from the Open University such as improving wellbeing, learning for the love of it and academic pursuits. We support carers wanting to return to the workplace by signposting to supportive partners, so you can learn interview confidence techniques and CV writing

We encourage carers to inform the Academy of topics they wish to learn, through the Carers Forum, Peer Support Groups, email and by phone

If you would like to attend any activities or find out more contact the Carers Wellbeing Academy Manager Tony by email tony@ccth.org.uk or call on 020 7791 5596


First steps

If you haven’t already, please get in touch to

  • register with us at The Carers Centre
  • complete a Carer’s Assessment with us. This establishes your needs as a Carer
  • then if more support is needed we can refer you to Adult Social Care for a Support Plan – a gateway to more help.

How to get in touch and ask for statutory Carer’s Assessment, advice about the assessment, an appointment with a carers support advocate

Call the centre 0207 790 1765
email: enquiries@ccth.org.uk
In person: The Carers Centre, 21 Brayford Square, London, E1 0SG

Get in touch

The Carers Centre
21 Brayford Square
London, E1 0SG

020 7790 1765


Opening hours

Monday - Friday – 9.30am – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday – Closed

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