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Carers need time to themselves, for their own health and wellbeing. Interests and hobbies are good for everyone’s wellbeing; individuality; and pleasure in life. We provide opportunities for Carers to find a space and time away from their caring role by using creative and artistic pursuits. The Carers Wellbeing Academy champions ways for carers to focus more on themselves for a change.

Undertaking activities away from your caring role, sharing experiences and making new friends and acquaintances significantly improve your mental wellbeing.

We provide a diverse range of activities that aim to improve carers’ physical and mental wellbeing, such as our weekly Walking Thursday Group; Arts, Crafts and Conversation; Shared Reading; and our virtual Social Club.

We partner with many organisations to provide a full monthly timetable of activities, so check our calendar for dates and times and come join the fun.

If you would like to attend any activities or find out more contact the Carers Wellbeing Academy Manager Tony by email or call on 020 7791 5596

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