The Carers Centre is starting our new regular feature where we highlight a person who we deem to be a Carer Hero – we want you to nominate carers who we can feature in the future.

Introducing  Sharron Currie our hero.

 As Sharron Currie retires from being the Carers Centre Chairperson, which she has successfully done for over ten years and before that she was a Trustee, we wanted to say and big thank you to our Carer Hero.

Sharron’s caring journey has been a long and varied one, she was a child carer and only realised this when a friend explained this, as she grew up, she carried on caring as a young adult and as Sharron retires from the Carers Centre, she will continue to care for four people, no wonder she wants to retire, it must be exhausting.

The people Sharron cares for have a multitude of complex needs such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Paranoid Schizophrenia, elderly and frail, visual impairment so as you can appreciate Sharron wants more time to devote to her loved ones.

Sharron has seen five Chief Executives come and go and the staff team expand, as well as the services delivered broaden and feels that the centre is better than ever, and in her words, she feels confident about leaving due to the professionalism and dedication of the team.

Sharron has indicated that if she does get some extra time to herself and we do hope she does, Sharron is an accomplished knitter, and Sharron will have more time to cook. especially cakes, we have been lucky enough to have eaten many over the years.  Sharron also plans to continue facilitating the Walking Thursday sessions which she encourages you to take part in. as they are a lot of fun, and you get healthier, and it helps with carer wellbeing.

So, as we say farewell to our beloved Chair, we are struck by something Sharron said, ‘in all the years I have been at the centre, carers needs have never changed but currently they seem to be on the increase’.

We will miss Sharron in her Chairing role, we are truly grateful for her dedication to both the centre and her loved ones, and we look forward to seeing Sharron, as a carer who attends activities for her own wellbeing.

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