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How is everyone doing?  I hope you are all well and safe and enjoying the weather outdoors, indoors but safely in a socially distanced way.

I would like to send my heartfelt prays and positive thoughts to the people of Beirut

Reminder to Carers

If you sign up for a Carer Academy event, then please acknowledge that commitment.  It takes time and effort to organise sessions and working with partner organisations who also commit their resources.  So if you are unable to attend due to caring emergency or other reasons please be respectful and email the Carers Centre to let us know you are unable to attend.

Thank you

Stay safe in the heatwave

Temperatures are set to soar in London from Thursday 6 August – Sunday 9 August, and are expected to exceed 30 degrees on Friday and Saturday. The Met Office has issued a heat health alert, as we may experience heatwave conditions in Southeast England and London.

While many people may enjoy the hot weather, high temperatures can lead to serious health consequences, especially for people in vulnerable groups.

There’s also an extra challenge of keeping cool indoors for those who are staying home much more than usual as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For information about how to stay safe in the heat, please read on.

How to stay well in a heatwave

We know there’s nothing like taking in some rays in the park when the weather is fine, but there can be health risks if you’re too hot for too long. The main risks are dehydration (not having enough water), overheating, which can make symptoms worse for people with breathing or heart problems, and heat exhaustion, heatstroke and sunburn.

The NHS advises that people should:

  • Stay out of the heat between 11am and 3pm, when temperatures will be hottest.
  • Cool yourself down by having plenty of cold drinks, wearing loose clothes or taking a cool shower or bath.
  • Look out for others who may be more vulnerable in the hot weather. Please ensure you are doing this safely and following Covid-19 guidance, including maintaining a safe distance. If someone is unwell, call a doctor as they could be suffering from heatstroke.
  • Avoid exercising in the hottest parts of the day – mix up your routine by exercising early in the morning or later in the evening if it’s a little cooler.
  • Never leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle, especially infants, young children or animals.

For more information on how to stay well and help others during the hot weather, visit the NHS website.

Trainee Debt Adviso

We’re looking to train the next generation of money and debt advisors to provide over-indebted Londoners with free, face-to-face advice that is accurate, effective, and tailored to individuals’ circumstances.

If you are interested in this post, please check out link:


Cover up and follow the guidance

When you are out and about, please make sure you continue to follow the government’s Covid-19 guidance.

While it might be slightly more uncomfortable in the warmer weather, it’s still vital you wear a face covering when required. This includes on public transport, in shops and while visiting a hospital, and from Saturday 8 August the list of places where you will need to wear a face covering will grow. Check the latest advice and ensure you’re playing your part to prevent the spread of the virus.

Washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds as soon as you get home and maintaining social distancing when you’re out are both also still crucial. Read more about what you can and cannot do.

If you have symptoms of Covid-19, you must immediately self-isolate and ask for a coronavirus test through the NHS or by calling NHS 119. Read more about the Test and Trace programme.

Have fun in the sun!

We know that most people will want to get out and enjoy the glorious sunshine this weekend. Our parks are there to be enjoyed but please use them responsibly and maintain social distancing.

Our parks provide the perfect environment for enjoying the sunny weather, with lots of shady trees to sit under during the hottest hours of the day (11am – 3pm).

Please remember that it is still prohibited to meet in large groups, and this remains vital in our efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19. If you’re visiting our parks or public spaces, please do so responsibly and help us keep them tidy for others by using the bins or taking your rubbish with you.

Make sure you stay hydrated by keeping water with you at all times and don’t forget to protect your skin by using sunscreen with a high SPF factor.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

 Important Numbers:

Unpaid carers can still access FREE PPE supplies. If you would like to receive PPE, Please contact the Carers Centre on 0207 790 1765 or Ayeda directly.
Domestic Violence Duty Line:  020 7364 4986 between 9am – 5pm.Victim Support:  020 7364 2448/7957

Just wishing everyone a peaceful, safe and week and remember if you need information and advice from the Carers Centre just email enquiries@ccth.org.uk

Tony Collins-Moore
Carers Academy Manager

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