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So tomorrow is the day I collect Albus, he will be four weeks older than the picture on Monday’s blog entry.  I will of course post an updated picture on Monday.

I just wanted to highlight an issue that keeps coming up.  When carers put their names down for a Carers Academy activity that is wonderful and the more the merrier.  However, some carers do not bother to join or turn up at the event, which is very disappointing, I understand that the caring role can cause last minute changes but I need carers to understand that a lot of work and money goes into providing a robust monthly timetable of events.

I am therefore, asking carers to consider this, email to cancel and if you are just putting your name down then only add your name if you are committed to attending.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, mind the rain as it is supposed to bucket down, keep dry, warm, and safe.

Next Week’s Activities

Interested in any of the activities – Email tony@ccth.org.uk

Monday 16th

We’re really looking forward to seeing you at our Meaningful Moments with the Museum of London session on Monday 16th November, 11am-12pm.

This is the first in a series of 3 sessions for carers living in Tower Hamlets run by the Museum of London’s Memories of London Programme which aims to support people living with dementia. Each session will have a different theme, but we will be museum, creativity, and wellbeing in each one.

You are very welcome to bring your loved one or the person that you care for along too if you’d like – everyone is welcome!

 Tuesday 17th

Weekly Visual Arts Group 10.30am to 12.45pm

This weekly group meets on Zoom, we join up with a group from Liverpool and have great fun making art from things within your home.

Come join in and have a couple of hours away from your caring role – if you can.

Weekly Peer support Group – 2pm to 3.30pm

This weekly social and peer support group gets together to provide peer support and ad hoc mentoring and advice.  The group discusses every topic imaginable, enabling carers to learn something or just have fun and a laugh.  It takes time out of your daily caring role, to relax, talk and get support from your fellow carer.

Wednesday 18th

Week One – 11.30am to 12.45pm

We know that carers are having a hard time right now and so we have been working with our partners at Breathing Space to develop ways to support carers through these difficult times. These four 75 minute, weekly online sessions will be delivered by Breathing Space Mindfulness teachers and aim to:

Thursday 19th

11am to 12noon

Each week Carers will be able to exercise, raising your heart rate and getting a sweat on, this will be followed by mindfulness and meditation techniques helping you to manage your busy caring lives.

Friday 20th

Workshop for carers 10.30am to 12noon

We know that people who are frail have the highest risk of falls, disability, hospital admissions and need for long term care. They are more likely to have complications after surgery and experience unwanted side effects from medicines.

However there are some simple things that we can do to prevent frailty or improve our own or someone we care for’s level of frailty.

In this workshop we will look at what frailty is and why it is important; how it can be improved or even prevented.

There are three changes that are coming into effect.

Minimum Income Floor suspension extended until April 2021

The Minimum Income Floor affects people who are self-employed and assumes a level of earnings based on the minimum wage for your age group and how many hours you are expected to be able to look and be available for work – minus a deduction for tax and National Insurance.

If your earnings are below this floor, then the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) use the Minimum Income Floor to work out your entitlement, rather than your actual earnings.

However, this has been suspended during the pandemic and will be until the end of April 2021.

Therese Coffey, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, announced: “After careful consideration of the ongoing public health situation and the national working environment, the current easement of the suspension of the Minimum Income Floor in Universal Credit that was due to expire on November 12 2020 will be extended to the end of April 2021.

Up to £405 available during transition periods

Claimants caught with less support after being moved on from ‘legacy benefits’ will now be entitled to payments to make up the gap.

Extra payments of £120, £285 or £405 are being added to those eligible from this month after being announced by Justin Tomlinson, a Minister of State at the DWP, on October 8.

The rise is to help thousands of people who saw a drastic change in income after switching to Universal Credit from Income Support, Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), Housing Benefit or Pension Credit – if they were also receiving a top-up allowance called Severe Disability Premium (SDP).

The ‘transitional payments’ will now be incorporated into a regular Universal Credit payout.

Double earnings loophole closed

More than 85,000 claimants will see a rise in payments after a loophole that penalised two wages coming in on the same month will be closed.

The DWP have addressed the problem which arises after workers who get more than one wage in the same month are flagged as ‘over-earning’ and then may not be entitled to their usual payment.

While the system now believes they are earning twice as much as usual, in reality the workers may have just been paid a day or two later than usual – leaving them with a large shortfall of support.

The changes come into force on November 16.

You may be eligible for Cold Weather Payment – click on link below to see if you qualify.


Please don’t forget to stay home and safe


Diwali is called the Festival of Lights and is celebrated to honour Rama-Chandra, the seventh avatar (incarnation of the god Vishnu). It is believed that on this day Rama returned to his people after 14 years of exile during which he fought and won a battle against the demons and the demon king, Ravana.

Be safe and have fun.              

Important Numbers:

Unpaid carers can still access FREE PPE supplies. If you would like to receive PPE, Please contact the Carers Centre on 0207 790 1765 or Ayeda directly.

Domestic Violence Duty Line:  020 7364 4986 between 9am – 5pm.Victim Support:  020 7364 2448/7957

Just wishing everyone a peaceful, safe and week and remember if you need information and advice from the Carers Centre just email enquiries@ccth.org.uk

Tony Collins-Moore
Carers Academy Manager

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