Our Services

Our Services


To improve and enrich carer’s lives, our key services include: support, advice, advocacy, information and signposting, including advice surgeries and a quarterly newsletter called 'We Care Together.’



We are here to support Carers in every aspect of their caring role, whilst at the same time, remembering that you are a person in your own right, with a right to enjoy a life outside of caring. Our 1 to 1 Casework service includes:

02 Carer's Assessments


Under the Care Act 2014 Carers now have the same rights to assessment and support as those they care for.


Carers Self-Directed Assessment of Needs (non statutory)


01 Carers Support


We provide a Welfare Benefits service for the Carer and the person they care for once the Carers' Assessment of needs (non –statutory) has been completed.


03 Independent Advocacy


Advocacy is when someone makes sure that your opinion and experiences are properly heard by health or social services. They can also make contact with organisations and professionals on your behalf if you are not comfortable doing this, and will make sure that none of the things you want to say get forgotten or missed or ignored.


04 Welfare Benefits Advice


We provide a Welfare Benefits service for the Carer and the person they care for once the Carers Assessment of needs (non –statutory) has been completed.


05 Supporting you with


  • Crisis intervention
  • Advocacy
  • Information & advice
  • Welfare Benefits (need to link with Welfare Benefits sub page)
  • Emotional Support
  • Referral & signposting to other services…For example to:- adult social care teams, Occupational Therapy (adaptations), Falls service, Telecare, Affordable Warmth (home insulation, replacement boilers etc), health agencies, GP’s, respite care, Carers Handyman service, Carers Relief service, other Carers agencies (culturally specific), wheelchair service ,Counselling (Compass Wellbeing), Carers Retreat (Buddhist Centre) and many other agencies
  • Carers Legal Rights
  • Carers drop-in Internet Cafe/ IT Hub open 9.30-4.30pm Mon-Fri
  • Financial Issues-managing debt, budgeting, help with escalating energy costs
  • Freedom Passes
  • Carers Rail Travel Discount Applications
  • Blue Badge Applications
  • Taxicard Applications
  • Fundraising for individual needs -Access to trust funds & bursaries
  • Emergency Samaritan Grants Funds
  • Liaison with GPs, District Nurses, hospitals & other health and social care providers
  • Lasting Power of Attorney applications
  • Basic information, advice & signposting of Carers of Children with Disabilities & Young Carers (universal service)
  • Home visits – limited to where Carers are unable to get to The Carers Centre due to age/disability or where housebound by caring role
  • Housing & Tenancy Support: applications for social housing, repairs, housing transfers on medical grounds including Extracare housing. transfers, bidding on properties, advocacy
  • Support for Employers of Carers
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Carers Annual survey
  • Raising awareness of Carers needs for support & giving them a voice in planning services
  • Short Breaks for all Carers registered with The Carers Centre


Note: this list is not exhaustive & we will provide support to Carers on any issue except immigration.






The Carers Centre produce a quarterly newsletter, to subscribe to this please enter your email address here.





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